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Lots of Community Forums and Events Recently!

by Ashley

I’ve been really busy doing lots of community forums and events the past couple of weeks! In case you missed any of them, I’ve added some short videos from a number of various events I spoke at recently. Thanks again for all the support from everyone in the community! It’s been a lot of work but I’m energized to see this campaign out to the finish and hopefully, bring improvements to city hall. 

Here I’m addressing the crowd at the recent Community Housing Forum:

Here I’m talking to the group at the “Freedom Forum”:

And here I am speaking to the audience at the “Women in Leadership” forum:

I’ve still got a couple more forums to do before election day. I’m working hard for your vote! Please vote for me for the Santa Cruz city council on election day!

Discussing the Recent Arson Fires in Santa Cruz on KION News

by Ashley

I was asked by KION News to share my thoughts on the rash of recent arson fires in the city of Santa Cruz.

Fire danger is a real threat with low moisture levels, high temperatures and heavy winds forecasted. This past holiday weekend was a red flag warning for the Bay Area when the Depot Park fire broke out below a mobile home park off Bay Street. One home was destroyed and more could have easily burned if fire crews weren’t fast to react. Santa Cruz neighborhoods could easily suffer from what happened in Napa or Santa Rosa given how dry everything is. If you see something, say something, Call 911 for anything suspect and be sure to keep adequate brush clearance around your homes and property. Call the fire department if you have questions or need advice.

New Endorsements and Forums This Week

by Ashley

I had a busy week last week getting out into the community, meeting neighbors and concerned citizens around the city, dropping off yard signs (thanks to everyone who requested one and it’s not too late!), filling out required paperwork for the city and state, and trying to get my message out to as many people as I can!

I want to thank the government affairs branch of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors, titled the Local Candidate Recommendation Committee (LCRC) for their endorsement of my campaign for the city council. As an early and strong vocal supporter of the “No on M” campaign, and as one of the early organizers and leaders of the Santa Cruz Together advocacy group, I will be a strong advocate for their concerns and issues on the city council. 

I also want to remind everyone about the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum that is coming up this Tuesday from 3-5pm at the Kaiser Arena. I hope to see you out there!

And thanks again to everyone who has donated their time, their money, their energy and resources to helping me on this journey to get me elected to the Santa Cruz city council. If you haven’t donated and feel so inclined, you can do so online here. We have spent our limited campaign funds wisely and prudently, and are so thankful for the ongoing support of the community. 

Community Turns Out For Santa Cruz Neighbors Candidate Forum

by Ashley

It was great to see so many faces of our community come out to the Santa Cruz Neighbors city council candidate forum. It was a terrific opportunity to get my message out to a broad group of neighbors and concerned citizens, and I want to thank Deb Elston and her team at SCN that produced such a well run event. 

We covered a wide range of topics, including public safety, affordable housing, homelessness, support for SCPD, issues with the city government, and more. And we had a “lightning round” of yes or no questions that forced everyone to quickly make answers on the fly. 

I really enjoyed the opportunity to present my platform of ideas to the community, and if anyone couldn’t make it, we have a couple more events next week and into October. Check the calendar on the homepage for more info. 

Here are some video clips of me speaking at the event. Each video covers a different topic or question we were asked as a group to answer individually. 

Here I introduce myself to the crowd

I discuss mental health funding issues and the county’s responsibility

I discuss the local homelessness issue and how the city and county is responding to it

I discuss the affordable housing issues in Santa Cruz

I discuss the issues with processing permits and red tape within the city departments in Santa Cruz

I discuss one thing I like and dislike from the actions of the Santa Cruz city council this year

My closing statement

The “Lightning Round” of questions

Women’s Safety Matters – And Why I’m the Best Women’s Safety Advocate Running

by Ashley
Women’s Safety Matters – And Why I’m the Best Women’s Safety Advocate Running

Public safety has been a central part of my ongoing campaign as I run for the Santa Cruz city council. I want to talk a little more specifically about women’s safety, and why I feel I’m the best and strongest advocate for improving women’s safety within our local community.

I hear so many horror stories every day about women downtown who feel threatened, who are verbally and physically assaulted, sometimes in front of their children. Why are we tolerating this kind of behavior? Who is currently advocating for these women, these mothers, daughters, girlfriends and wives? 

We’ve seen numerous cases where our misguided city policies have directly compromised our public safety. That will never happen with me on the city council. I will never vote for any measure I feel compromises public safety, no matter how politically correct or incorrect that might be. 

As a woman and long time local resident, I can relate to the fear and frustration so many women in our community are currently feeling right now. We feel unsafe. We feel we can’t take our kids to the park without possibly being assaulted. Just recently, there was an incident in Laurel Park where a mother was assaulted in front of her child. I was one of the organizers for a public safety gathering and community walk this year in downtown Santa Cruz after a local woman was nearly raped in broad daylight at the clock tower in downtown Santa Cruz. Have we learned nothing since the tragic death of Shannon Collins?

I will in no uncertain terms be the strongest advocate for women’s safety on the city council. We need a voice that takes our concerns here seriously. It’s time to put that serious voice on the city council. Voting for me is voting for change in how we approach public safety in the City of Santa Cruz. 

Please consider getting involved in my campaign or making a donation. Thanks for your support!


The Santa Cruz Police Officers Association Endorses Ashley for City Council

by Ashley

I’m honored to announce that the Santa Cruz Police Officers Association (POA) has endorsed Ashley Scontriano for Santa Cruz City Council. Safety is my top priority! I will not shy away from this topic regardless of the audience I’m in front of. If we don’t have a safe community, we don’t have a foundation to grow upon. Affordable housing and economic vitality won’t be possible if people continue to leave our community because they don’t feel safe. Safety first, everything else is a close second.

Thank you Santa Cruz POA!

Keep an eye on my events calendar for any upcoming events and forums I’ll be participating in. And if you aren’t currently registered to vote, please take the time to register now! It’s fast and easy, and I’ve included a link on the right side of the homepage. We can win this election by registering new, like minded voters who will support me in my goal to support our public safety groups in Santa Cruz with the funding and resources they need. 

And please consider getting involved or donating to the campaign! We appreciate all the help and kind donations we’ve received so far. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Thank You For Coming Out to BHODY

by Ashley

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone that took the time out of their busy schedules to come down to BHODY on Pacific Avenue last night to hear me talk about my plans for improving Santa Cruz. It was truly wonderful to see so many familiar faces supporting me, as well as meet so many new people who offered up their support for my message. 

Special thanks to Yoke and the staff at BHODY, to Robin and Mike for helping at the door, to Kim for helping collect donations, and to the rest of my team for helping to organize and set it all up. If you missed it, hopefully we’ll do another one soon. Stay tuned! 


Meet and Greet Ashley at BHODY on Pacific Avenue

by Ashley
Meet and Greet Ashley at BHODY on Pacific Avenue

Come out and learn about the common sense politics I want to implement once elected onto the Santa Cruz City Council in November. Ask me questions, meet fellow voters and together let’s spread the word that our safety is a priority; supporting local small businesses and growth is key to our economy, and helping to house our working community members without robbing the housing providers is attainable. 

Campaign Kick Off!
Wednesday, August 22nd from 7-8:30PM
1526 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz

Local Firefighters Union Endorse Ashley for City Council

by Ashley
Local Firefighters Union Endorse Ashley for City Council

I’m proud to announce my recent endorsement by the Santa Cruz City Fire Department Firefighters Local 1716. I want to thank the local firefighters for their support, and want them to know I will be the public safety advocate they deserve for putting their lives on the line for the community every day. 

Too often, we see city leaders trying to make public safety decisions based on political correctness, which can often compromise public safety. As the spouse of a Fire Captain, I can understand and relate from first hand experience the challenges put on our public safety support network. 

I support improving public safety in our community for our firefighters, police, and first responders, and I’m not afraid to talk about it. We need more county resources and I will work hard to get that support from the county. I’ll be meeting folks at Bhody at 1526 Pacific Avenue on Wednesday night from 7-8PM. I’d love to meet and chat and answer any questions you might have. Stop by and say hi!