Community Turns Out For Santa Cruz Neighbors Candidate Forum

by Ashley

It was great to see so many faces of our community come out to the Santa Cruz Neighbors city council candidate forum. It was a terrific opportunity to get my message out to a broad group of neighbors and concerned citizens, and I want to thank Deb Elston and her team at SCN that produced such a well run event. 

We covered a wide range of topics, including public safety, affordable housing, homelessness, support for SCPD, issues with the city government, and more. And we had a “lightning round” of yes or no questions that forced everyone to quickly make answers on the fly. 

I really enjoyed the opportunity to present my platform of ideas to the community, and if anyone couldn’t make it, we have a couple more events next week and into October. Check the calendar on the homepage for more info. 

Here are some video clips of me speaking at the event. Each video covers a different topic or question we were asked as a group to answer individually. 

Here I introduce myself to the crowd

I discuss mental health funding issues and the county’s responsibility

I discuss the local homelessness issue and how the city and county is responding to it

I discuss the affordable housing issues in Santa Cruz

I discuss the issues with processing permits and red tape within the city departments in Santa Cruz

I discuss one thing I like and dislike from the actions of the Santa Cruz city council this year

My closing statement

The “Lightning Round” of questions