Women’s Safety Matters – And Why I’m the Best Women’s Safety Advocate Running

by Ashley
Women’s Safety Matters – And Why I’m the Best Women’s Safety Advocate Running

Public safety has been a central part of my ongoing campaign as I run for the Santa Cruz city council. I want to talk a little more specifically about women’s safety, and why I feel I’m the best and strongest advocate for improving women’s safety within our local community.

I hear so many horror stories every day about women downtown who feel threatened, who are verbally and physically assaulted, sometimes in front of their children. Why are we tolerating this kind of behavior? Who is currently advocating for these women, these mothers, daughters, girlfriends and wives? 

We’ve seen numerous cases where our misguided city policies have directly compromised our public safety. That will never happen with me on the city council. I will never vote for any measure I feel compromises public safety, no matter how politically correct or incorrect that might be. 

As a woman and long time local resident, I can relate to the fear and frustration so many women in our community are currently feeling right now. We feel unsafe. We feel we can’t take our kids to the park without possibly being assaulted. Just recently, there was an incident in Laurel Park where a mother was assaulted in front of her child. I was one of the organizers for a public safety gathering and community walk this year in downtown Santa Cruz after a local woman was nearly raped in broad daylight at the clock tower in downtown Santa Cruz. Have we learned nothing since the tragic death of Shannon Collins?

I will in no uncertain terms be the strongest advocate for women’s safety on the city council. We need a voice that takes our concerns here seriously. It’s time to put that serious voice on the city council. Voting for me is voting for change in how we approach public safety in the City of Santa Cruz. 

Please consider getting involved in my campaign or making a donation. Thanks for your support!