Special City Council Meeting

by Ashley

This past Tuesday, there was a special session of the Santa Cruz City Council to discuss among other things, the issue of rent control. The city recently made some clerical errors, which caused Santa Cruz Together, a group of local community members opposed to rent control, to miss a key deadline in submitting their argument for the “official” city handbook on the November ballot measures. In fairness to the group, and to everyone in the community, the city council voted unanimously to extend the deadline and allow both groups (favoring and opposing the ballot measure) to re-submit their arguments for and against, as well as submit rebuttals to each argument. It was the right thing to do since the city made the mistake. 

I spoke in front of the city council at the meeting. I spoke about the need for more affordable housing locally, but to develop solutions that won’t impact either side here financially. Housing is a complicated issue that requires us to come together as a community, not create divisive sides that fight each other over what they might perceive to be the best solution. 

I’ll be talking more about housing over the coming months. Stay tuned.